Stacker for OHC Tutorial

Stacker for OHC is a new web application to help better manage your Online Holy Communities. It is simple to use and offers some features that weren’t available before. Stacker can be used on both desktop and mobile.

Below we will give a quick runthrough of how to use it and what new features have been introduced.

Registering for Stacker for OHC

First, to register for Stacker for OHC, go to this link:

You will be prompted to enter your email:

Use the email that you used to register as an OHC leader. Otherwise, it will not allow you to register. After clicking “Register”, you will receive a confirmation email; follow the instructions in that email. It will ask you to set up a password for Stacker. 

Your Stacker Account: Leader Profile

After setting your password, you should be able to log into your Stacker account. It should look something like this:

Here, you will see information that you submitted when you were signing up to become an OHC leader. Note the “Edit” button in the top-right corner. You can now edit this information, something you weren’t able to do in Airtable.

You will also see your Airtable link that you used before to keep track of your community. It is there for your convenience.
If you scroll down, you will also see statistics about your OHC.

Note that there are three items on the menu at the top of the page (“Leader Profile”, “OHC Members”, and “Meetups”). 

Viewing, Editing, and Adding New OHC Members

If you click “OHC Members” in the menu, it should look something like this:

You will see a list of your OHC members. What you can do here is add a new member to your OHC community by clicking “Add New” in the top-right corner.

If you click “Add New” to add a new member, make sure to fill out all the mandatory fields and click “Save”, which is all the way on the bottom of the page:

This will automatically add a new member to your OHC Stacker and Airtable records.

Also, in the “OHC Members” tab, if you click on any of your members in the list, it will take you to a profile page of that member. It will look something like this:

You can also edit this information by clicking “Edit” on the top-right corner, something previously not possible.

Viewing and Recording your OHC Meetups

Lastly, if you click on “Meetups” in the top menu, it should take you to something that looks like this:

This is a feature that we had not had before. Now, you can organize and keep track of your meetups that you have in your OHC. To record a new OHC meetup, click “Add New” in the top-right corner. It will ask you general questions about the meetup, mainly who attended, what the meetup was about, and when the meetup took place. After filling out the appropriate information, click “Save” on the bottom of the page:

If you click on any of your meetups in the Meetup page, you can see general information about the meetup, as well as a list of your OHC members that attended the meetup.

That’s basically all you need to know in order to use Stacker! There may be some features in Stacker that weren’t mentioned here; feel free to play around and explore.

Note: Once you have registered for Stacker, use this site from now on in order to log in to Stacker:

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Stacker by emailing We hope that you find this application useful.